We provide sports video-analysis and scouting solutions since 2007, with the most advanced technology applied to sports, through a software, as simple as complete, that adapts to the specific needs of each user, significantly reducing unproductive time consumption.

In early 2015, ERIC Sports acquired the software DVS, and the merger of these two brings a new ERIC Sports, that re-focus and sets new goals and objectives, and provides a new vision to keep evolving the product and offering the best solutions through a continuous improvement process, to meet the needs of our clients.

The working methodology and philosophy of ERIC Sports saves time on videoanalysis solutions.
You will not want to use another tool. Its safety, speed and customization will make of this one your favorite software.
All necessary tools for a complete video analysis are integrated into ERIC Sports, which also allows to integrate data that complements and enriches the process of video analysis.
We offer a product that covers all the needs and is at the forefront of the market.